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Thursday, August 03, 2006



There is a problem in our reporting of what is going on in Isreal, I will illustrate, but let us not forget that the Hezbo's attacked first, and that, where appeasement has been tried, it has not worked.

NY Times from Aug 3, 2006
"In terms of structure and hierarchy, it (Hezbollah) is less comparable to, say, a religious cult like the Taliban than to the multidimensional American civil-rights movement of the 1960’s.
...Israel must take the initiative. Unless it calls off the offensive and accepts a genuine cease-fire, there are likely to be many, many dead Israelis in the coming weeks — and a much stronger Hezbollah. "

So, Hezbo is equal to our civil rights movement?

MSNBC July 29, 2006
"The battle for Bint Jbail has symbolized Israel’s difficulty in pushing guerrillas back from the border, whether by air bombardment or ground assault. Hezbollah on Friday escalated its cross-border attacks, firing longer-range missiles deeper into Israel than ever before.

Lebanese civilians have born the brunt of the Israeli onslaught.

A woman and her children were crushed in their home by a strike outside the market town of Nabatiyeh, which also killed a man in a nearby house, Lebanese security officials said. In another southern town, six bodies were dug from the rubble of a house destroyed by a strike Friday, they said."

I wanted to point this out. Ever notice how the press mentions civilian casualties for Hezbollah but not for Israel. I must congratulate CNN on this point as they listed the Israeli civilian casualties at 23 and wounded at 1100+, but MSNBC would have you believe that it is Israel not Hezbollah who is specifically targeting civilians.

ABC August 1, 2006
"Separately, the UN Security Council on Monday unanimously approved a 30-day extension of the mandate of the existing peacekeeping mission in southern Lebanon, the 2,000-strong UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), even though the force has been largely ineffectual in stopping violence.
UNIFIL has been in the area since 1978 but has been powerless to prevent cross-border violence between Israeli forces and Hezbollah."

The UN has repeatedly condemned Israel and not Hezbollah since this has started. Even though they have had little effect on keeping the peace.

More to come

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Life... Don't talk to me about life...

Just busy doing stuff, I guess. You know, by the time most of us hit fourty, life will be down to a daily grind of repetitions. It has to be if you are going to be aby good at anything, but it is a bit dull. Anyway, I will try to get on here a little more often.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Why do people fear the Bible?

Hi All,

You know, I was reading a post on another site where one blogger wrote that he was afraid of the bible. I hadn't spent a whole lot of time on that comment before I realized that I have heard that one before. They seldom can explain why they fear the thing, and usually react in anger or loatheing without really asking the question: Why am I reacting like this?
That is usually when the nearest Christian get's pounced on. Easier to lash out than face what is within. Honesty to yourself is never an easy thing, so kill the messenger. They simply live a life with a phobia they can't shake. It is comfortable, thinking that if they don't believe in the bible it will not be true. Unfortunately, it is like choking yourself to get high, seems like fun, but it is more like drowning, and eventually it is going to kill you.
The problem with the bible is that it is right! Deep down everyone knows this, and that is why it is so feared. Human nature is such that we don't like to be controled, or told what to do. The bible is a big "Do not do these things" list to some. To others, the God of Judgement that is coming with his throne is something they simply don't want to have to deal with. I think that the real problem is that most of us HAVE come to the realization that our lives are comepletely out of hand anyway, and don't want to face it, so we hide behind the other stuff.
When the bible tals about freedom, it uses a different meaning than the world uses. The world says that freedom is the right to do whatever thing you want to do, but that is never the case. You are free to drink all the alchohol you want, but once you are addicted are you free to quit? You are free to look at all the internet pornography you want, but are you free of what it does to your relationship with your wife? You are free eat what you want, but when you weigh 300lbs are you truly free? The world's system of freedom leads to bondages, it leaves with a life of regrets and chains!
The bible's system is completely different. It sets you free to love other people. It sets you free to live without regrets. It really does set you free to be something that you can't even fathom right now, someone who does not HAVE to sin. That is a really uncomfortable concept to grasp.


Friday, June 16, 2006


UND suing NCAA!!!!

In the showdown over the use of an American Indian nickname and logo, the NCAA leads its series with the University of North Dakota 3-0.

That is the tagline to the Star Tribune Article.

Overreaction Guy takes over again!!!
I want to suggest to my fellow non-Indian North Dakotans -- those of us whose ancestors came from some other continent, primarily those of us who are white and of European descent -- that we should support the campaign to change the University of North Dakota name and logo not just because it is offensive, exploitative, and racist (it is all of those things) but also for our own sake. Let us do it for our own dignity.


We explained that we have a beautiful logo designed by a respected American Indian artist and that we use the nickname with consummate respect – expecting and getting respect for the Sioux culture from our fans. We pointed out that we do not do tomahawk chops, we do not have white guys painted up like Indians, and our fans do not do Indian chants.

In an amazing display of organizational arrogance, Walter Harrison, in answer to the following direct question at a recent news conference:

“Are there incidents the NCAA has recorded where it (UND) appears to be hostile and abusive?" he said, obviously ducking the question entirely:

“Today’s decision was to review whether the staff’s original decision was the right one. We tried to confine ourselves to that. We believe the use of the Fighting Sioux and the mascots [he is apparently still unaware that we do not have one] and imagery [ours was designed by an American Indian] that represents (sic) are hostile and abusive and we don’t believe the University has made a case to the contrary.” [emphasis added]

Evidence? What evidence? Courts tend to dismiss hearsay and to demand and rely on real evidence.


It seems that anytime anyone uses something that the "PC" crowd considers inflamatory, regardless of the feelings of the people they portend to protect, they go to open war. UND is an outstanding college, with a pretty good hockey team, and a long history of using the "Fighting Sioux" name and logo. I hope the courts find for the university, the charges are rediculous.

Go UND, fight to continue to use your beautiful logo. This Minnesotan supports you, (even when you do beat SCSU {Saint Cloud State University} in hockey) and wishes you all the best!


Thursday, June 15, 2006


Just listening to Eric Clapton

Hi All,

Have you ever listened to the song "Wonderful Tonight", by Clapton? I just love the song. Everytime I hear it, it reminds me of my wife, and how much I really do love her. I hope you all have someone like that, and a song that makes you think of all the best things about them.

Good night

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


What an Oligarchy looks like?

I saw this on Tuesday on Jay Leno, it is funny (or scary) enough to be repeated:

First, we had four years of George Bush.

Followed by eight years of Bill Clinton.

Followed by eight years of George HW Bush.

Followed by eight years of Hillary Clinton???

Followed by eight years of Jeb Bush????

Followed by eight years of Chelsea Clinton?!?!?

Followed by eight years of Jeb's son George Bush?!?!?!?!

Basically, if we elect them, it is entirely possible for two families to run the USA from 1988 to 2040, if another relative doesn't run by that time.

Freddy Kruegger would be less scary!!!!


Monday, June 12, 2006


Channel 5 News on Hurricane Alberto!

Hi All,

I was watching the news (my mistake), and here we go again! They were reporting on what is now Tropical Storm Alberto "The first named storm of the year". Continuing on the totally alarmist theme, they then reported that a plane had crashed in Florida, and that the "huricane" had caused it! Big letters across the top of the screen,


I mean come on, the FAA hasn't even had time to look into the cause yet. It was only assumed that the heavy rains had something to do with it.

Then... Overreaction guy appeared!!!!

Disguised in the for of mild mannered Governor, Jeb Bush, Overreaction Guy reacted with his normal sadistic glee...
It matters not that there are straight line winds in the plains states that will go over 100mph. It matters not that the rainfall total will not even be close to what any larger huricane could produce!!! Overreaction Guy demanded the evacuation of the coast!!! People running from thier houses, it is utter mayhem!!! Call out the national guard... hold it, they are in Iraq, call out FEMA, a squirrel might drown!!! Why, it has already claimed the life of one man who could not control his plane under Alberto's torrential downpours!!!

Seriously though, the press would have you believe what I wrote above, and reported it accordingly. What happened in New Orleans last year was a true disaster, lets not cheapen the real lives that were torn up by it by reporting every other tropical storm as the next Katrina!



Thanks for nothing Roland...

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I should have gone... anywhere else...

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